mardi 21 février 2012

Welcome to the web site dedicate to some of my works !

Hello I finaly Edited a new reel, I hope you'll like and share it 

Go to vimeo for a better resolution

Underneath are feature my old reel (sory for that ) as well, as some of my latests achieved project hope you'll like it !

My new reel 2013

Yet another project finished ! I am so happy that its now done !
this is another animation, who talk about cholera, actualy it is a campaign to prevent peoples against
cholera desease . the production took about 3 months full time work 

check this out ...

this animation was created entirely by my self for a particular persone who's goal was to show  how young felt when they complete High school in our contry, mainly due to the orientation concilar who doesn't properly,do their job

the production took about 1 month to be complete and a half for the post production, it tell a story of a boy, from his childhood, until the day he get his High school diploma and are completly lost, when its come to choose what to do or where to go, in other to continuou his education....